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Virtually all wheat breeding focuses on grain yield and quality. The main goal of the Noble Foundation’s small grains breeding program is to develop dual-purpose cultivars with high fall and winter forage yield suitable for sustainable forage production in Oklahoma and north Texas, and better grain production.  NF101 wheat is the first wheat cultivar developed at the Noble Foundation for this purpose. 

NF101 is an awned, hard red winter wheat and was released in 2014. Its pedigree consists of Pioneer Hi-Bred cultivar 2548, Noble Foundation experimental line NF38 and HybriTech cultivar Longhorn.

During seven years of testing in southern Oklahoma, NF101 produced the greatest fall-winter forage yield when compared to Jagger or Endurance. Similar results were observed in trials in east Texas and Georgia.

Advantages and attributes:    
Under rain-fed conditions, NF101 is an excellent choice for producers wanting to maximize their fall forage production. 

Areas of adaptation:    
NF101 is well adapted to southern Oklahoma, north Texas and the southeastern United States. 

Growth habit and maturity:    
Plants of NF101 are taller and have more leaves than Jagger and Coker 9553. Heading is similar to Jagger and three days earlier than Endurance with intermediate to moderately good straw strength.

Disease resistance:     
Under normal levels of disease pressure, NF101 wheat has shown resistance to powdery mildew and leaf rust.