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Developed and released in 2013, NF201 triticale is an alternative small grains forage for producers. Its pedigree consists of the experimental Noble Foundation breeding line NF83, Trical Stan II and Roughrider. NF201 is the first forage triticale to be released by the Noble Foundation.

NF201 has demonstrated excellent fall and winter forage production, making this triticale the best choice
for producers who need forage for early winter grazing. In seven years of testing in southern Oklahoma, the fall forage yields of NF201 were equal or superior to Thundercale and Tamcale 5019. In east Texas, performance of NF201 was superior to check cultivars for early season yield.

Advantages and attributes:

Compared to wheat, triticale is known to be more productive on marginal lands and requires less management under stressful conditions. The heads are mid-dense, slightly tapered, erect and awned at maturity.  

Areas of adaptation:    
NF201 is best adapted to the areas of southern Oklahoma and north Texas.

Growth habit and maturity:     
NF201 plants are semi-erect and taller than plants of the cultivar Thundercale, but shorter than those of the cultivar Tamcale 5019.

Disease resistance:     
Resistance to stem rust, leaf rust and powdery mildew was similar to Tamcale 5019 and 6331 in southern Oklahoma.