NF402 is a facultative winter-type forage oat that was developed and released in 2013. NF402’s pedigree consists of the cultivar Coker 833 and Noble Foundation experimental breeding line NF170. It is intended for pasture and
forage production, especially during the fall-
winter period.

In seven years of testing in southern Oklahoma, NF402 produced more total forage than most commonly grown oat cultivars with nearly half of the production occurring during the fall and winter period. In trials in east Texas, western Louisiana and Georgia, NF402 yields were equal or superior when compared to check cultivars.

Advantages and attributes:     
NF402 was selected and released based on superior forage production, especially in the fall and winter, when compared to standard oat cultivars like Dallas, Harrison and PlotSpike. The early fall-winter forage production of this oat is particularly valuable, allowing producers better flexibility for earlier grazing or increased stockpiling. The maturity, morphological and agronomic attributes are similar to Dallas. At maturity, NF402 plants are slightly taller than plants of Dallas and PlotSpike.

Area of adaptation:    
NF402 is ideally adapted to the Southern Great Plains and adequately adapted throughout the southeastern United States. 

Growth habit and maturity:     
NF402 exhibits a sprawling growth habit. 

Forage quality:     
Forage nutritive value of NF402 is excellent with crude protein levels higher than that of Dallas and Harrison.

Winter hardiness:     
In southern Oklahoma and north Texas, NF402 has exhibited complete or partial senescence during winter but excellent recovery during spring. NF402 has demonstrated better freezing tolerance than many other cultivars developed for the southern USA.

Disease resistance:         
Similar to commonly grown cultivars Dallas or Harrison. 

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