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Video Series from the Wheat Foods Council

featuring our own Dr. Brett Carver

Want to know how new OSU wheat varieties get their name?  Dr. Brett Carver tells us.

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Oklahoma Genetics Awarded 3.1 Million Dollars in Intentional Infringement Case

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Read the article highlighting the work of Dr. Xiangyang Xu and Dr. Liuling Yan HERE

2020 Annual Meeting Photos by Todd Johnson, OSU

2020 Annual Meeting Photos by Ron Hays, OK Farm Report

Has gluten become more inflammatory? Brett Carver and crew are on a mission to find out.

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State Wheat Breeder Dr. Brett Carver Shares Vision for the Future of OSU’s Wheat Improvement Program. Click Here!

2020 Annual Meeting Photos by Jill Minahan and Lauren Wakeley, OFSS/OGI

Read this first in a series of OGI articles by Candace Krebs!  "Wheat Contest Winner Scores Big with New Variety"

2020 Annual Meeting Photos by Jeff Wright, OFSS

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(L to R):  Joe Shirley (Chairman), Kevin Igo, Tom Clayman, Tom Null, Richard Coit, (PISTOL PETE), John Goodknight (Honorary), Don Schieber, Fred Schmedt, Mark Hodges (Executive Director), Joe Caughlin and J. B. Stewart                          Photo by Todd Johnson, OSU