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Maton II (NF306) is a forage rye cultivar that was developed and released in 2006. Its pedigree consists of the germplasm selection Polish3 and Noble Foundation cultivar Maton. It is intended for use in fall through winter grazing systems. This variety builds upon the Noble Foundation’s previous release, Maton. 

Maton II (NF306) produces more total forage when compared to the commonly grown rye cultivars Elbon, Maton and Oklon in southern Oklahoma. More than half of its total yield is produced during the early growing season (November to February).  

Advantage(s) and attributes:    
Maton II (NF306) has early fall and winter forage production potential. Morphological and agronomic attributes are similar to
Elbon and Maton, but Maton II tends to have slightly taller plants with bigger leaves and thicker stems. Maton II is
especially suited to light-textured and sandy loam soils. 

Area of adaptation:    
Maton II (NF306) is well adapted to
southern Oklahoma, northern and east Texas, and throughout the southeastern United States. 

Growth habit and maturity:     
Maton II (NF306) has a semi-erect growth habit with early maturity.

Forage quality:     
Crude protein content of Maton II (NF306) forage is higher than that of Maton or Oklon.

Winter hardiness:     
Winter hardiness and lodging resistance are similar to Maton in southern Oklahoma. 

Disease resistance:         
This cultivar is moderately resistant to leaf and stem rust. ​