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This is a white sib of OK Bullet.  Its yield potential appears to be only average to good.  It has moderate resistance to soil-borne mosaic and good sprouting tolerance.  It has excellent straw strength.  Its general area of adaptation would be similar to that of OK Bullet.

Stardust is the first hard white wheat variety released by OSU since OK Rising in 2008.

This variety’s parentage includes OK Rising. Featuring an improved level of sprout tolerance with agronomic capabilities and yield potential comparable to some of OSU’s most popular hard red varieties, Stardust’s quality characteristics and lighter brancoat make it a strong and versatile choice for bread baking.

Consumer preference is fueling the high and increasing demand for hard white wheat. Whole grain white bread is made from hard white wheat, which allows bakers to create a whole grain product without the red color or the slightly different taste. Millers also can extract more flour from the grain of hard white wheat, thereby increasing the efficiency of the milling process.

Stardust will provide wheat producers in north central Oklahoma, in particular, the ability to produce hard white wheat locally and potentially capture more markets for Oklahoma wheat.  GrazenGrain®

High quality HW beardless; top tier yield and disease protection.