"How Do You Apply for Membership?"

1. Complete the appropriate Affiliate Agreement.

Full Member Agreement

Provisional Agreement

2. Send your completed Affiliate Agreement, along with your payment for membership and variety fees as described, to:

Jill Minahan, Office Manager

PO Box 2113

Stillwater, OK 74076-2113


3. You will receive your Membership and Variety Fee cards which will enable you to purchase OGI-licensed seed.

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Chairman:                         Joe Shirley (Alva) 

First Vice-Chairman:        J.B. Stewart (Keyes)
Second Vice-Chairman:  Brook Strader (Okeene)
Secretary-Treasurer:       Don Schieber (Ponca City)
Executive Director:          Mark Hodges (Oklahoma City)
Directors:                          Fred Schmedt (Altus); Joe Caughlin (Tonkawa);

                                           Tom Null (Hobart); Kevin Igo (Plainview, TX);

                                           Tom Clayman (Haven, KS)

Oklahoma Genetics, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c) (5) corporation that assembles in an organized manner as a group of interested and capable seed enterprises to promote stewardship and publicize and market the use of improved genetics, traits, and benefits of quality Pedigreed seed and vegetatively propagated materials, but also promotes educational programs and scientific research for the benefit of crop producers/markets, and plant breeding programs to meet current and future consumer demands. The formation of the corporation was necessary to market the new protected BASF Clearfield Technology.

OGI is made up of a group of dedicated Oklahoma Pedigreed seed producers and processors. The founders of OGI became aware of the need to form such a corporation to make BASF Clearfield Technology in wheat available for farmers in the State of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Genetics, inc. Officers

"Is OGI Membership Right for You?"

In order to purchase Foundation or Registered seed or sell Registered seed for an OGI-licensed variety, you must be a member of Oklahoma Genetics, Inc. (Purchasing or selling Certified seed does not require OGI membership.)

If you answered "Yes," there are two types of memberships available:

  • Full Membership - Full members are entitled to purchase either Foundation or Registered seed.  The initial membership fee is $200 for the first year, with annual renewals of $100 per year.
  • Provisional Membership - Provisional members are entitled to purchase only Registered seed for the first year. The initial membership fee is $200 for the first year, with expected progression to Full Membership the following year.

Annual Variety Fee - Whether you are a Full or a Provisional Member, there is an annual $50 variety fee, which is due each year for any variety you are handling during the year. (This includes purchasing seed, planting, harvesting and selling seed.)

"How Do You Qualify for Membership?"

  • Full Membership - (1) You must have produced (not merely planted) a class of Certified seed (of any variety) within the last three years in Oklahoma or another state. (2) You must have "eligible ground"  (Regarding wheat, for example:  "Eligible ground" means EITHER the ground was free and clear of any wheat crop the prior year OR it was planted in at least the Certified class of the same variety you wish to plant.) (3) You must have followed through with the respective state's certification agency (in Oklahoma, for example, it would be the Oklahoma Crop Improvement Association).

Applicants who do not qualify for Full Membership would be eligible for:

  • Provisional Membership - Because you are only able to purchase Registered or Certified seed, this will give you an opportunity to establish yourself with "eligible ground" and proceed to Full Membership the following year.